Self Care for the Second Pregnancy: 10 Ideas

I can honestly say this pregnancy is worlds apart from my first pregnancy. I worked out religiously the first time around and ate healthy most of the time 😬. I also worked most of my pregnancy and my house was spotless weeks before she got here. Purchasing necessities was on the top of my to do list the entire time too.

This go around is probably the polar opposite… I’m still working out but I’m also exhausted from taking care of a 15 month old. So workouts are definitely fewer this time. Healthy eating is a joke. I eat whatever my daughter leaves behind on her plate and then scarf down whatever I can eat when she’s not climbing all over me. My house is messy 99.9% of the time. I clean but she goes right behind me and destroys it sooooo the mess stays and baby supplies have barely crossed my mind.

With that being said, here are ten self care activities I have been able to squeeze in:

1. Bubble baths: Sure, sometimes the toddler joins me but it chills out my anxiety and we’re both clean afterwards. I usually use my favorite sugar scrub and shave my legs and feel like a new woman for the rest of the day 🙌🏼😌.

2. Take a walk: I try to squeeze in a walk outside at least once a day, if not more. It’s like a reset button for both of us. I feel refreshed as soon as I get my heart rate up and get my daily dose of vitamin D.

3. Clean: Okay, I hear you. Clean? Um yes! I cannot relax in a cluttered home. It’s impossible for me. So, a five minute decluttering session makes me feel complete for a few hours ’til we have another mess.

4. Take a nap: I need the baby to nap anyways so I may as well soak up the last months of solo cuddles while I can.

5. Put makeup on: Regardless of whether I’m leaving the house, I try to put a little makeup on. I feel like a swamp monster most days with toddler snot and peanut butter on me. The least I can do is conceal my dark circles and look halfway rested 🤷🏼‍♀️.

6. Enjoy the coffee: Okay I know some people are completely anti-coffee while pregnant, but let me be frank when I say I think that pregnancy rule is complete bullshit. Your baby will be fine. Enjoy your cup of coffee in the most peaceful spot you can find (front porch, closet, bathroom…I don’t judge)

7. Buy the maternity jeans: If your pants are tight and uncomfortable, just make the switch. Stop letting it control your self esteem. You are supposed to get bigger. Wear pants that fit and feel beautiful!

8. Go on dates: So I haven’t lived up to this one in a traditional sense. We don’t have a sitter anywhere in sight so we go on family dates and we love it just the same.

9. Go on vacation: Take that last vacation before baby #2. You’ll treasure those memories of when your little was still just your only little. A little bittersweet? Yes, but I think it’s important to really imprint that in our memories ❤️.

10. Blog/draw/craft: Make time to be creative. Pregnancy is an emotional time whether it’s completely warranted on hormonal lol, find something to channel that emotion into. You’ll be able to look back after the baby is here and reflect on that season of life.

That’s the gist of what’s been getting me through so far. Here’s to 23 more weeks and beach vacation in March 🙌🏼. Thanks for the read!