Day to Day Shenanigans

Hello all!

So we’ve established that I’m new here and I feel like my newness requires somewhat of a deeper introduction of myself. I think an explanation of my other projects and day to day happenings is just.

My day job is in the insurance biz…I’m an agency sales representative for a great company. I can honestly say I LOVE my job. When I first took the position I was three months pregnant, with no prior insurance experience. Previously, I was a mental health therapist. We had to uproot our lives for my husband’s job and there I was…pregnant, in state where I couldn’t work in my field, and bills were piling up. This job has allowed me flexibility to take maternity leave and now I can even bring my daughter to work with me! #SCORE I’d be lying if I said it was an easy job but the income is definitely on par with the work you put in.

On the side I have partnered with Chloe + Isabel. I did this for two reasons. I desperately wanted to get the kit because the jewelry is gorgeous and perfect to wear at work. (Super professional and great quality) Also, I figured any money I can make being a merchandiser would be a great bonus for me. Hello “fun money”. I also need to brag on this company. Unlike other direct sales companies, they do not put pressure on you to recruit to gain money. So, I have zero worries that I will end up bugging my friends to join my team on a daily basis. They also put a huge emphasis on resume building. They stress that this is a career advancement opportunity and the experience gained can be used to land your dream job. As someone that wants as much sales experience as possible this sounded PERFECT!

Right now, I’m actually hosting an online pop up for the next eleven days. If you feel curious about at least checking out the jewelry follow this link and if you have questions for me, shoot me a message:



First blog post

Hello all! I would like to first say, thank you for checking out Daily Struggle Bus! This blog is somewhat of a personal experiment. I have a track history of starting projects and being extremely ambitious and excited about them. Then, I slowly stop talking about them, thinking about them, and then they’re just gone…I want this blog to not only be my new hobby, but also a tool to hold myself accountable for continuing hobby. I have a long list of failed projects that include various direct sales companies (Beauticontrol, Origami Owl, and Stella & Dot to name a few), restoring antique furniture (which I actually LOVE), and even two blogs I started only to delete within weeks of my first post.

So that’s why I’m starting Daily Struggle Bus. I’m thinking if I throw it out there, y’all can call me out if I fall behind or start that familiar cycle. Also, I’m a MOM now! That’s such a crazy statement for me to make. I struggled to get pregnant for two years and now that I have this beautiful daughter, I want to be a good role model for her. I want her to see that her mama can set her mind to something and go out there and do it!

I’m new to this…I feel like if I don’t have a framework it will be so easy for me to let this go and just delete the blog within a month or so. I’ve always heard “it takes 21 days to form a habit.” Whether that’s true or not, I don’t know, but I plan to follow one of those Pinterest blog prompt posts for the first 30 days. I want my hobby to become my new hobby, my escape, my chance to connect with other moms. Plus, as an added bonus, I’ll get to scope out the results from those Pinterest pages that preach “become a blogger!!!” and report back to everyone on my results 🙂

So that’s the gist of it. Nice to meet y’all. Stay tuned, read, enjoy, and say “hi” every once in a while!