What NOT to Say to a New Mom

Since becoming a mom, I’ve encountered a wide array of strange, intrusive, and even rude comments. This is a tribute to these awkward situations and a warning for those contemplating their next dumb statement to a new mom. Just don’t. 

1. “Don’t worry. You’ll lose all that weight.”  ( I don’t need anyone to tell me I’ll lose ALL THAT weight)

2. “I can’t believe you’re using a pacifier.”

3. “But don’t let her suck her thumb either. That’s  even worse!”

4. “Be sure to start her off in the crib. You want her trained from the beginning”

5. “You should be sleep training.”

6. “You’re spoiling that baby.”

7. “I think you’re nursing her too much.”

8. “Can you get a sitter so you don’t have to bring her?”

9. “When are you starting daycare?”

10. “Will you be weaning her soon?”

11. “You can be successful OR have a baby.”

12. “Can’t you wait to feed her til you get to the car?”

13. “Why are you so tired if you didn’t work today?”

14. “Thinking about a another baby already? It’s too soon!”

15. “Did you have a normal birth?”
Okay, notice a common theme? All of these comments cross a crucial none of your damn business boundary. I’ve heard each and every one of these since having my daughter. This is a problem. So please, for the love of God, just stop. Women deal with enough criticism. Leave your mommy instruction book at the door and let us mommy our own, individual way in peace. 

9 thoughts on “What NOT to Say to a New Mom

      1. Exactly! Today I was told that my baby will have to get used to sleeping in her crib. The fact that she’s currently teethin and in pain seemed to not matter.

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      2. Just blows your mind doesn’t it! How can we not show compassion to someone that is completely dependent on us? Someone that we made with love! I never understand why people think they have to get used to sleeping in a cot. What about if people want to bed share? We do! Perhaps your child will go straight into a toddler bed or floor bed? Who cares! we should all sleep wherever we want to! X

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  1. Seems like every woman thinks it’s their place to share the do’s and don’ts of motherhood, if only they’d think back to when they were new moms and they just wanted everyone to shut up. I sometimes have to remind myself of that when I want to give advice.

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  2. 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 I’ve just wrote some similar things in my very first post! I had many of those comments and it made me quite ill for a time. I’m so glad that I gained the confidence to trust my own judgments. You’d think we’d be supporting each other not bringing each other down. I just don’t understand why people think what I’m doing to wrong just because it doesn’t follow what they think is ‘normal’

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